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The ES Player - An introduction

Finding Music

Welcome to the Epidemic Sound Player!

Finding great music in the Epidemic Sound Player is easy. Follow this guide to learn the basic ways of searching the library.

Click any topic in the left hand menu to get started!

Tip: Once you've found a track you like, just use the "Find Similar" button to find more like it! This symbol is always available in all search results.

Quick Search

Quick Search

Quick Search is just what it's called. A quick way of searching across all material in the library!

As you begin to type a word into the search box, an autocomplete dialog will appear and give you direct feedback on how the words you're typing will effect the search result!

When doing the search you will get to a search overview page. This page is a summary of the top results across albums, sound effects and tracks. From this page you can fast and easily get to all album, sound effect and track results.



Browse is your basic tag based search. This is a great starting point for most users.

The tags

There are four kinds of tags and you can combine them in an almost infinite number of ways. By for example specifying a genre and a mood (e.g. "Rock" and "Happy"), the result will be a cross section of this (i.e. "Happy Rock").

Adding more genre tags and moods/movement/places, the query will result in a less strict search. The best results will however float to the top!


To narrow it down a little, you can filter the results by tempo, energy level and track length.

The search summary

The search that's currently being done is summarized in a field on the right hand side.

Tip: All tags available in browse (and more!) can be used when using Quick Search too!



Remember vinyl records? We sure do! In fact, our attics are filled with them.

While streaming music from the cloud is our solution of choice, there's no arguing that albums are a great way to experience music!

The cover images speak volumes about the music inside, and all our albums have descriptions that capture the overall feel of the album!

Choose from 15+ categories of albums to find compilations of tracks that we feel work great together. The first page of the Albums section will always show you the most recent releases!

Tip: You can search albums by using Quick Search!

Story Elements

Story Elements

Need help setting up a scene musically? Want music that's perfectly suited for a character presentation?

This is where Story Elements come in. Story Elements is quite simply music that's handpicked for its ability to set up the action, score the tension and musically capture that release! Just click your way to the music!

Tip: Try using Quick Search! Maybe you're looking for a "Traditional Country Intro"?

Stems & mixes

Our complete library is available in stems. This means that a track can be separated into bass, drums, instruments and melody.

Is that pesky cowbell ruining your voice-over? Just download all the stems and mixes, and remix the track using whatever software you prefer!

Tip: Try using just one stem of a track! Sometimes just the piano is more than enough to set the mood.

Organizing your music

Adding a track to a playlist

Add a track to your playlists by clicking the "Add to playlist" button.

This button is available next to all search results, album tracks and TV element tracks. Clicking it will open the dialog below, and clicking a playlist in the dialog adds the track to the selected playlist.

My Music

The tracks you add to playlists end up in "My Music". This is where you can organize and tag your music.

Here you can drag and drop tracks between different playlists and projects. Try it out, we're sure you'll get the hang of it almost immediately!


Ever forget why you liked a track, or what you were planning on using it for? This is where notes are great!

When in a playlist, simply put your cursor in the "Note" field on the right hand side of the track and type whatever you feel like. Press enter to save the note!

You can now use the filtering feature to find the track you're looking for among all the tracks in the playlist. This is super useful when you have A LOT of music in your playlists!

Downloading Tracks

Once you know what you want, downloading the tracks couldn't be easier.

Click the "Download" button to download the current audio file.

Click the "Download Stems" button to download a zip file of all stems.


In summary, don't be afraid to just go nuts and try everything out.

We're constantly working on improving the service, quality of music and relevance of the tracks found in searches, and we will keep rolling out new features in the months to come!

Don't hesitate to send us a message if you have any feedback!